TracFone - Fast Act Portal Fixes >>>> PLEASE READ

Tracfone is writing to you once again to let you know that they have been listening to your concerns, and are improving the Fast Act Dealer Portal. Please see the following list for the status on items you've asked for in the portal:  

  • ReUps from suspension now work in the ReUp tab. 
  • We noticed pretty quickly that this was a terrible experience for you, so we fixed it. 
  • RTR will soon work when the customer is in suspension  
  • We are streamlining the process for when you forget your username/password for login to the portal to get it to you faster We noticed that some of you aren't getting your PINs when you want them. We're fixing this.  
  • We are moving the APN setting update link to its own tab, so it's not hidden after the activation flow You will still see this after the activation flow, but we're adding a new tab for you  
  • We're adding a tab for you to update subscribers' plans (i.e. change a customer's plan)  
  • We're updating the "Phone Check" tab to display the following when you type in a valid phone number:
    1.  Last 3 plans that the customer ReUped  
    2. Show all cards that are in the "SIMPLE Mobile STASH" or "NET10 RESERVE" 
    3.  Don't know what this is? These allow you to add plans to a customer account before their service ends, then we'll automatically add it when the customer reaches their due date  
    4. Show current plan that customer is enrolled in  
    5. Show full SIM number  
    6. Show customer phone number When a customer changes plans, you'll have the ability to add $10 ILD add on

Tracfone knows that you are the heart and soul of this business, and Tracfone ask that you be patient with them while they work with you to make everything function the way you want it.

Don't forget that Tracfone have extensive instructions on a lot of the stuff in the Fast Act Portal to help you right here:

Keep going to for updates on all of these items. We'll keep you informed on that page regularly.